Baking Classes


Thank you for your interest in my gluten free baking classes.

Normally the classes are a combination of Sourdoughs, Breads and Pastry. 

Unfortunately at present all face to face classes are currently on hold (March 2020) until the Corona virus pandemic is over. 



Instead of face to face I'm currently putting together videos for online classes.

If you are interested in the online classes please contact me via the contacts page.

UPDATE MAY 20, 2020 - I've a Facebook competition running for a couple of free classes.   



What is the course content?

A little goodie bag will be sent out (Australian addresses only).

In it will be some of my 'Arthur' a gluten free sourdough culture, a sample of some sweet & savoury biscuits made with Bakers’ Magic gluten free flour & 2 x 450 g packets of the flour. You need to have a bit of flour to keep your sourdough culture alive :). 


 I will be posting videos to Decadent Alternatives youtube channel. These videos will only be accessible to class participants.

Approximately 2 weeks after access to the video content we'll have a video conference call (probably using Zoom). To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to ask questions I'm setting class sizes to a maximum of 15 participants.

The videos will include:

Getting to know gf flours 

Introduction to gf baking with reference to wheat based techniques




Adding other ingredients

Shaping & proving


Rolls vs tins

Sourdough vs yeasted



Braiding bread




Looking after your culture

Shaping & proving

Trouble shooting




Shortcrust - Sweet & Savoury

Different techniques for making Puff & Flaky

Yeasted puff pastry

Pie lining

Discussion with reference to wheat based techniques