Baking Bread on the BBQ

There has been a couple of times when I simply have had to use the BBQ to bake bread. It's either been too hot or as happened today I've had a blackout in the middle of a baking session. Not wanting to waste the beautiful hot cross buns I scooted outside & turned on the barby. 

Following are a few tips if you want/have to bake bread on the barby. You will need to have a BBQ that has a hood. 


It is great if your BBQ has a temperature gauge. If not you can buy an oven thermometer from a kitchen/department store.

Most of the baking temperatures need to be above 180o C as such it is essential that you can get this temperature on your BBQ with the hood down. Everytime you will look at your baking bread (I do it quite a lot) the temperature will decrease. If I have looked at it a little too much I will turn the heat up a little until it's back up to temperature & then turn the heat down again (& also try to tell myself to stop looking). 

You will need to pre heat the BBQ before baking the bread/buns.  


Check where your burners are positioned. Can you place a baking tin or baking tray roughly in the middle without having burners on directly underneath?

If the tin is placed directly over the top of burners the bottom of the bread could end up being burnt. You will still be able to bake on the BBQ but you will need to put a bit more distance between the bottom of the tin & the grill. For the Hot Cross buns pictured above I used a cooling rack on top of a convection tray (Weber Q) then had a dish filled with hot water on top of the cooling rack. Finally on top of the dish of water I put the pan containing the Hot Cross buns. 

How long should I bake the bread/buns? 

The length of time will depend on the type of BBQ you have. We have a Weber Family Q & I find that I bake the bread for a little longer than I normally do in the oven (maybe 15 mins longer - depends on how many times I've looked at it). I tend to base the baking time on the colour of the loaf. If the top is not golden it needs baking for a little longer. 

If your loaf comes out of the tin & the sides start to sink into the middle of the loaf, quickly put it back into the tin & pop it back on the BBQ for a little longer. 

Happy baking.